How to Prepare an Electronic Feed

Instructions for Departments preparing Feeds for Financial Services for Upload into Banner

Create an excel file using the master upload template or create your own following the format chart below.  

There isn't a specific font required for the feed to be submitted however, Ariel 12 is a good font for viewing the file.

Column Format Field Length Name Other Requirements
A Character 8 System ID Enter System ID code provided by Financial Services in capital letters on all data lines
B Character 6 Fund/Organization Left aligned, must be a valid Orgn code (5 characters)
C Character 6 Account Left aligned, must be a valid Account code (4 characters)
D Number 12 Debit Right aligned, must enter 0.00 or another value with two decimal places
E Blank 1 Blank Field Leave blank
F Number 12 Credit Right aligned, must enter 0.00 or another value with two decimal places
G Blank 2 Blank Field Leave blank
H Character 35 Description Month/year and other descriptiive information (up to 35 characters)

System ID (Column A)

This is the unique System ID code that will be provided by Financial Services.  This code will appear in the transaction detail on the financial system

Use Capital Letters – This field is case sensitive
Enter in column A for every line of data

Fund/Organization (Orgn) Code (Column B)

This is the five (5) digit organization code that is being debited or credited. This field must be formatted as:

Left aligned and  
6 spaces (five digit account code followed by 1 space)

Account Code (Column C)

This is the four (4) digit account code that is being debited or credited. This field must be formatted as:

Left aligned
6 spaces (four digit account code followed by 2 spaces)
Internal accounts are not permitted
For a complete list of expense accounts, please refer to the Revenue and Expenditure Account Codes.

Debit and Credit Amount (Colum D & F)

These fields contain the debit or credit amount being charged or credited to the Orgn/Account in fields 2 and 3 above.

The total of the debit column must equal the total of the credit column.
Formatted as a number with two decimal places
Right aligned (12 spaces wide).  
There can be no leading zeros, commas, brackets, ‘+’, ‘-‘, dollar signs or formulas in either field.
Entry in either the Debit or Credit field (but NOT both)  
If the there is an entry in the debit column, then the credit column must contain 0.00 and vice versa.

Blank (Colum E & G)

There is no data to be entered in either of these fields. The fields MUST be left blank. Field 5 must be 1 space wide and Field 7 must be 2 spaces wide.

Description (Colum H)

The description should include the month and year of the upload for monthly transactions. It should also include any other information that will assist the department being charged in identifying the transaction (i.e. invoice #, waybill #) in FSS.

No special format is required  
Maximum of 35 characters can be entered.
Both the hard copy with the authorizing signature and the electronic copy must be in Financial Services in order for the feed to be processed. When sending feeds over for month end both must be in Financial Services by 9:00 am the third last working day of the month.

Hard Copy

Total both the Debit and Credit column

On the hard copy of the file total the credit and total the debit columns each.  The total debit amount must equal the total credit amount.

Create a Hash Total

Below the total add the total of the debit to the total of the credits for the hash total. i.e.:  debit = $100, credit = $100, hash total = $200.  

File Name and Responsible Person

Below the hash total indicate file name and person submitting the feed

Print the hard copy, sign with the authorizing signature and forward to Financial Services

Create a .prn file

Create a Space delimited text file

The data file must be a space delimited text file. This file can be created in Excel by selecting the “Save As” command under “File” in the Excel menu bar. Select the option “formatted Text (Space Delimited)” under “saves as type”.

The file must only be the lines of data starting at line 2 and ending at the last line of data. There can be no header lines, blank lines or additional information at the beginning, middle or end of the upload. It also can not contain the totals, hash total, responsible person or file name.

Email the .prn file to


The requirements identified in these procedures must be followed for the file to be successfully submitted. Rejected files will be returned to the responsible department for any corrections required.