How to Complete Journal Entry

Instructions on How to Complete a Journal Entry Request Form

This is the five(5) digit organization code that is being debited or credited in the first field of every line of data in the file.

2. Account
This is the four(4) digit account code that is being debited or credited which identifies the type of expense. For a complete list of expense accounts, please refer to the Revenue and Expenditure Account Codes.

3. Entry Description
This description is limited to thirty five(35) characters and should describe what the Journal Request Voucher is for including any previous documents numbers the JE refers to and what it is for. The description here will be what is seen when looking under the account in FSS.

4. Debit
Amount being charged to the FUND/ORGN for that particular journal entry line

5. Credit
Amount being credited to the FUND/ORGN for that particular journal entry line

6. Spending Authority Signature
Spending Authority Policy - Research

The Unit Authority or Principal Investigator's (or delegated spending authority where applicable) signature is required as approval for the expense on the organization indicated in the Fund/Orgn box. Required where the Spending Authority Signature differs from the Authorizing signature.

7. Date
Date the Unity Authority or Principal Investigator reviews and signs the Journal Entry Request form.

8. Total Debits Must Equal Total Credits
Total the Debit column and total the Debit column. Both of these columns must equal.

9. Document Hash Total
Add the total of the debit column and the total of the credit column to get the hash total. This total is required to submit the Journal Entry Request

10. Additional Information
Include any additional comments that will provide further details on the reason for the Journal Entry request. This information is additional detail only and does not appear in FSS but it is included as information with the source document that is scanned in Application Xtender.

11. A copy of the Journal Entry Request has been forwarded to:
Indicate the individual’s and department if a copy of the journal entry has been provided as information to a department.

12. Authorization
Print name, Authorizing Signature, Phone
Approval by the individual at a reporting or management level above that of the claimant (e.g. Department Chair/and/or Dean, Director, or Vice-President). Print the name of the Authorizing Signature, signature, phone number and date Journal Entry was reviewed