Journal Entries


Journal Entries can be submitted in two formats:

Journal Entry Request Form

A paper form used to make adjustments by transferring revenue or expenditures from one account to another account. This form is entered into Banner manually by Financial Services and is typically used for smaller journal entries or one time purposes to correct the posting or allocation of revenues and expenditures.

An Electronic file (feed) that can be uploaded into Banner

The preparation of data for journal entries involving many accounts in an electronic format can save significant preparation and processing time as it compares to traditional paper journal entries and is the preferred method for processing of large journal entries.

Before you can submit an electronic file for uploading, you must request to have a System ID created that will uniquely identify your journal entries.

  • To request a System ID, please email Financial Services - Systems Unit indicating the 8 character identifier and the title to be associated with this ID.
  • If at all possible, request an ID that will identify the feed. If the ID is available, the ID will be created. 
  • Once this has been done you will be notified and will be able to start submitting feeds.

There are specific formatting requirements for the file to successfully upload into Banner.Please refer to the How to prepare an electronic feed instructions for those requirements and procedures.

  • Feeds can be submitted throughout the month. However, in order for the feeds to be processed prior to the end of the month, the feed should be received in Financial Services by 9:00am on the third last day of the month. If received by this time/date, the feed will be processed in the current month. Otherwise, it will be processed in the next month.
  • Financial Services requires both an electronic copy of the file and a hard copy with the authorizing signature to proceed with processing the feed.
  • It is the responsibility of the department creating the file to ensure that the Fund/Organization (Orgn) and Accounts are valid.
  • If there is an error message for an invalid account, Financial Services will change these fields to the Orgn and Account of the unit submitting the file and advise the unit of the change for their perusal.

Should you need any assistance please contact Accounts Payable