Petty Cash

Please review the Petty Cash Policy and Procedures that governs the responsibility for the effective use and security of Dalhousie University's petty cash funds.  This policy informs units and individuals on the use of petty cash, their responsibilities in preventing loss and/or discrepancies in the balance of petty cash fund, and satisfying financial audit requirements through compliance with established procedures.

For those responsible for handling cash, please review the Cash Handling Policy and Procedures for the custody, safe keeping and accounting for cash received by Dalhousie University.

How to request a new or change the amount of an existing petty cash account

  • All requests for new or change in amounts in petty cash require a Petty Cash Application form to be completed.

  • New or increase in petty cash amount:
    • If you are requesting funds, please complete a cheque requisition form indicating a request or increase in petty cash.
  • Decrease in petty cash amount:
    • If you are requesting to have your petty cash account decreased, please complete a deposit advice form with funds to be returned.

How to replenish a petty cash account

  • A Cheque Requsition form must be completed.  The Payee will be the person who is responsible for the petty cash account.  Select the payment type Other and indicate the description as Petty Cash.

  • Attach to the cheque requisition form:
    • Breakdown of the expenses being reimbursed from petty cash.  The breakdown should include the following information:
      • Date on receipt
      • Store Name on receipt
      • Description
      • Amount (before tax)
      • Tax
      • Total
    • Original Receipts (tape receipts to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper)

To reconcile the petty cash account

Each month the petty cash account should be reconciled to ensure everything is accounted for through cash or receipts.  To do this use the Petty Cash Count Sheet.

If there is any difference, please report this to Financial Services immediately.