1.   How do I order more deposit bags?

Send an email to Cashier@dal.ca with the subject line "Order Deposit Bags".  
Within the email:

  • identify the quantity of bags you will require,
  • what account and sub-account (1####-7###) that should be charged
  • where to send the bags.

2.   Who do I contact for questions regarding bank transactions (deposits, credit cards, cheques issued?

Please visit General Accounting Contact Us to find out the appropriate person to contact.

3.   What steps are required to request a wire payment? 

A written request approved by the Unit Authority responsible for the organizational code must be forwarded to Financial Services.  Supporting documentation, such as an invoice, must be included with the request. Wire payments in foreign currency are charged the exchange rate at time of processing.  

The invoice or request must include the following payment details:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Beneficiary Bank Account
  • Beneficiary Bank and Bank Address (including ABA and SWIFT code
  • Optional information including: invoice number, details of payment, etc
    International wire payments require a minimum 3 business days for processing prior to the payment date.

4.   I would like to be able to accept credit card payments on our website for a conference we are hosting.  What do I need to do?  

Requests for accepting credit card payments must be approved by Financial Services.  A Credit Card Merchant Account must be established to allow credit card payments.  It takes a minimum of two weeks to have a new Merchant Account established through our Merchant Service Provider.

The following information is required:

  • Department
  • Contact Person and phone number
  • Account and sub-account (1XXXX-XXXX) for transaction fees

Departments will be charged the monthly merchant fee and the merchant discount fee for each transaction.