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Special Purpose Account Guidelines

Special Purpose accounts are NOT research accounts. Special Purpose Accounts are to be used for the following types of activities:

  • conferences
  • workshops
  • events
  • lab services or other service agreement activity
  • awards
  • journals
  • Special purpose accounts must operate in a cash balance situation.  Exception:  'service agreement' accounts which are based on a formal contract requiring invoicing based on expenditures incurred.
  • Subject to all University guidelines and policies.
  • Funding must be spent on the specific purpose for which the account is established.

To have a special purpose fund establish:

  • Application form must be completed
  • Must be assigned to an academic or administrative unit
  • Applicant must be a Faculty Member or Senior Management level
  • Conference applications must submit a budget for review by the Manager of Accounting to assess whether HST is required to be charged on registration fees
  • For account applications related to a service agreement contract, a copy of the contract is also required.
  • Account will not be opened until a deposit or journal entry transfer is provided by the applicant.  Exception: service agreement account for which there is a formal contract agreement.