Service Agreements Guidelines

Financial Services Procedures for Opening and Administering Service Agreement Accounts

  • A Service Agreement is NOT a research project and will not be opened as a research account – it will be opened as a special purpose account (6xxxx).

  • Complete a Special Purpose Account application form to open a new account for a service agreement contract/agreement

  • Submit the account application, with all required signatures, to Financial Services.    The account application must be accompanied by the fully signed copy of the service agreement
    • service agreement must be signed by a Vice President of Dalhousie University
    • Note:   service agreement/contract will not be forwarded to Financial Services by Legal Counsel or by Dalhousie Research Services.    Faculty member must send it to Financial Services.
  • Financial Services will open an account in the 6xxxx (special purpose) account series

  • You will receive an e-mail notification of your new account number which will also include information about who your account administrator in Financial Services will be.

  • Overhead policies of the university apply only to Research Accounts.      Faculties who wish to include some ‘administrative fee’ in budgeting for service agreements may do so; however, it is not mandated by the University.    Please consult with your Dean about individual Faculty requirements.

  • Transfers for “administrative fees” from service agreement accounts will be the responsibility of the project and/or Faculty.   Please consult your Dean about process within your Faculty.

  • Financial Services will issue invoices on behalf of the University for service agreements upon notification by the faculty member responsible that conditions have been met for invoicing (ie milestone met).