Conference Account Guidelines

Procedures for Conference Accounts for New Account Applicants

Special purpose account application form
must be completed, signed by all required signatories, and submitted to Financial Services.

This form is available on Financial Services website under Forms - Research & Special Purpose.

Information required in addition to the account application:

  • Conference Budget - Details of the revenue and expenses for the event
  • Signed agreement from funding source (in some cases)


  • The account will not be activated until funds or journal entry are received
  • The account must not be run in a deficit

After the account application and the budget in formation are received in Financial Services, it will be assessed for HST status.

  • If HST must be collected on registration fees, you will be advised as part of your new account notification
  • These accounts will also be eligible for 100% HST rebates on expenditures incurred.  These rebates are applied immediately upon data entry of the expense to Banner.
  • Note:  HST rebates on travel claims are not applied to non-employees.  In order to get this HST rebated to the account, a manual journal entry must be done (consult with your Grant Administrator)

At the completion of the event, the account should be closed:

  • Financial Services confirms that all expenditures have been processed
  • Unspent funds will need to be distributed according to prior agreement (as indicated in the special purpose account application.