Annual Givings Account Guidelines

Dalhousie University has its charitable tax status as an educational institution.  All fund raising is carried out in support of the University's mission of teaching, research and community services.


  • Deposited through the Office of Advancement under revenue code 5460
  • All requests for fund-raising on behalf of Dalhousie University must be cleared through the Office of Advancement.
  • Revenue deposited to Annual Givings accounts must be from the Office of Advancement only.  Only in exceptional circumstances (special projects funded mostly by Annual Givings) will other revenue be considered.
  • Funds donated and receipted through Dalhousie University must stay in a University account - they cannot be transferred to outside organizations (e.g. Student Clubs).
  • An individual donating funds must not have signing authority over the account, the donations must be given at arm's length without consideration.


  • Must use appropriate expense code, e.g. 7100 equipment
  • Annual Givings accounts must always have a surplus balance.
  • Expenditures must be charged directly against the Annual Givings account except in special circumstances where funds may be transferred out in a lump sum to finance research or other specific activities.
  • Expenditures must be for educational/research activities.  
  • Permanent salaries cannot be placed on any Annual Givings account as there is no guarantee of funding levels.  Salary recoveries to other accounts are permitted.
  • Social activities, entertainment expenses, University Club bills and graduation event expenses are not acceptable charges on Annual Givings accounts.  
  • Travel is permitted and must comply with the University Travel Policy.
  • Awards/Scholarships are allowable expenses and are processed on Student Aid Requisitions forms through Student Accounts.
  • Any equipment purchased on an Annual Givings account is the property of the University.