Research & Special Purpose

The Research & Special Purpose Unit of Financial Services provides financial administration for research grants and contracts awarded to the University, general research accounts, as well as, special purpose and annual givings accounts. This unit is responsible for establishing research accounts, preparing financial statements, claims or invoices as required by funding agencies, as well as, monitoring spending. The unit acts as a resource regarding the policies and procedures of the University, as well as, the various funding agencies. This unit works closely with funding agencies, researchers, adminstrative units and Research Services to ensure adherence to funding guidelines and policies.

*** Reminder for Researchers ***

Please ensure you read the following Account Housekeeping Reminders:

  • It is critical to ensure that there are no payroll commitments on accounts which are past end date or which are completely spent. It is the researcher’s responsibility to initiate the payroll forms to make the necessary changes to the account numbers to which payroll is charged. At the same time, please note that salary can and should be distributed at source between several accounts if that is what will ultimately happen. We want to reduce the volume of journal entries which were required at the end of 12/13 fiscal year to reallocate payroll.
  • It is a good idea to check that budgets in your ongoing grant and contract accounts are accurate. If you have questions, please contact your grant administrator whose name you can find on the Researcher Account History page (second page) of your Researcher: Summary & Detail Query.
  • Please note that research accounts which are past end date are not available for spending. Unexpended Residual Funds in Research Accounts policy applies to these accounts. Please refer to policy and transfer request form on the Financial Services website:

Funding agencies

There are three major funding agencies that award to the University. They are: Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR), Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs. For further information about these Agencies, please visit their websites: