Removal of Office and Cubicle Waste Bins


Single garbage bins will be removed from offices, cubicles, classrooms, labs and common spaces. They will be replaced with a combination recycling tray and small side saddle garbage bin. Once the replacement is made, custodial staff will no longer empty the bins and replace with clean bags. It will be up to the office user to empty their recycling and waste DAILY and sort into one of four bins that will be centrally located near their work station (paper, recycling, organic and garbage).

The objective of the standard is to:

  • Reduce contamination (currently garbage streams are 40-70 percent contaminated),
  • Provide clarity on what goes where
  • Drive material to the Paper, Recyclable, Organics, and Garbage (PROG)sets
  • Save garbage bags
  • Allow custodians to spend more time improving our overall campus cleanliness rating  
  • Meet municipal and provincial legislative, policy, and waste management plan requirements (Dalhousie has received bylaw enforcement tickets in the past)
  • Be aligned with our reputational sustainability objectives.  The Office has received recent emails from external stakeholders (Environment Canada) and the municipality about the lack of proper sorting and bins for composting in Dalhousie facilities

As of winter 2016, the standard has been adopted by departments like Facilities Management and has been implemented in new buildings since 2011 including Wallace McCain, CHEB and LMU.