Security in Truro at the AC

Your safety is our priority

Several forms of security are employed on the Agricultural Campus to protect students and the campus community from harassmentmechanical/electrical failurevandalism and theft. Security officers are employed primarily to protect the farm and other buildings from mechanical/electrical failure and to deter unauthorized persons from entering facilities. Officers also enforce parking on campus.

The Security Office is located on the main floor of the Dairy Building.

Phone: (902) 893-4190

Safewalk Service
The Security Officers provide a safewalk service on campus. Any student or staff who requires an officer to walk with them to or from any building on campus, should call (902) 893-4190. This service is offered to ensure your safety while travelling within the campus boundaries.


Parking on campus is a privilege which will be withdrawn in those cases where parking regulations and common courtesy are not followed. The RCMP and Campus Security routinely patrol parking areas. If you have trouble with parking please call (902) 893-4190.

Safety Tips

Even in the relatively safe environment of small town Nova Scotia, it's best to be street smart and travel with at least one companion. Read more of our safety tips to ensure you stay safe while on campus.