Permit types

Get the parking permit that suits your needs

2019-20 permits on sale online beginning August 13, 2019

– gives the holder of the permit the exclusive access to a specified reserved lot at the University. There are several different types of reserved lots - some are inside parkades and heated and at the highest yearly rate. There may be limited numbers of these spots available. Lower-cost permits are applicable to the Sir James Dunn parking lot, and the top floor of the CSB. Currently, none of these permits are available. There is a waiting list of more than 200 people for each location, and it will be several years before a spot opens up. You can ask to be put on the waiting list by emailing  

General – gives the holder the right to park in any available non-reserved, non-metered parking space on any campus between the hours of 7:00 am and 1:30 am. (employee and student rate). Having a general permit does NOT guarantee a parking spot. Pro-rated refunds are available. 

Term – a general parking permit that is valid for the period of one specified academic term (employee and student rate). Having a general permit does NOT guarentee a parking spot.  

Dalplex – only issued to Dalplex community members who are not employees or students of Dalhousie University. Permits are only valid for a maximum of three hours at designated areas of the Dalplex parking lot. Learn more here.

Overnight – employees whose duties require regular attendance on campus after 1:30 am may be granted a general parking permit which is valid overnight as well as during daytime hours.

Motorcycle – gives the holder of the permit the right to park only in authorized motorcycle parking spaces.

RideShare- a reserved parking permit offered at a reduced cost for groups of 2 or more students or Dalhousie employees sharing a vehicle.

Visit SmartTrip Dalhousie for more information on RideShare.


How much parking permits cost

Visit our rates page to find out the annual cost of a Dalhousie parking permit. Costs vary depending on permit type and campus location.