Permit types

(Page updated 3 p.m. Aug. 4, 2021)

Get the parking permit that suits your needs

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See 2021-22 parking rates here.

– gives the holder of the permit the exclusive access to a specified reserved lot at the university. There are usually immediate spots in our most expensive lot, the Risley Parkade. All other lots are full and require waiting for an existing permit holder to give up their spot. You can choose to put your name on a waiting list for the lot(s) you are interested in by emailing We can advise that it takes several years to get a spot in our most popular lots. Learn more in our FAQs.
2021-22 reserved rates: $821.97-$1940.21

General – gives the holder the right to park in any available non-reserved, non-metered parking space on any campus between the hours of 6:00 am and 1:30 am. (employee and student rate). Purchase of a general permit does NOT guarantee a spot. For those who purchase general passes through payroll, refunds are available on a pro-rated basis. For thsoe who pay cash for general parking permits, there is no refund available 30 days after purchase.
2021-22 general rates: $364.64 - $405.47

Accessible – please contact Disability Administration for any inquiries regarding accessibility parking needs. Before any accessibility parking is approved, an application form must be completed in full, by an attending physician, and returned to Disability Administration. You can learn more on this Sharepoint site. (Login required). Application for accessibility parking permits are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Accessible parking permits are reviewed on a yearly basis by Disability Administration. 

Term – a general parking permit that is valid for the period of one specified academic term (employee and student rate). Purchase of a general permit does NOT guarantee a spot.
2021-22 term rates: Student - $218.64  Faculty/Staff - $245.50

Weekly and monthly permits are no longer available

Dalplex – only issued to Dalplex community members who are not employees or students of Dalhousie University. Permits are only valid for a maximum of three hours at designated areas of the Dalplex parking lot. Learn more here.

Overnight – employees whose duties require regular attendance on campus after 1:30 am may be granted a general parking permit which is valid overnight as well as during daytime hours.

Motorcycle – gives the holder of the permit the right to park only in authorized motorcycle parking spaces.
2021-22 motorcycle rates: $198.42

RideShare - a reserved parking permit offered at a reduced cost for groups of 2 or more students or Dalhousie employees sharing a vehicle. Please contact Dal Security for updated rates. Visit SmartTrip Dalhousie for more information on RideShare.


How much parking permits cost

Visit our rates page to find out the annual cost of a Dalhousie parking permit. Costs vary depending on permit type and campus location.