Parking enforcement

Parking for 2023-2024

Parking goes on sale August 15, 2023. Rates are found here: Rates - Facilities Management - Dalhousie University

Buy parking here: HotSpot website

Any violation of the University parking regulations may result in a Dalhousie parking ticket.

Ticketable offenses:

  • Parking meter violations
  • HotSpot violations
  • Overnight parking
  • Parking in “no parking” areas
  • Occupying more than one parking spot
  • Parking on university property without a permit
  • Any vehicle other than a motorcycle (cars, trucks, vans) found parked in or covering a motorcycle space will be ticketed and towed / immobilized at the owner’s expense.

Parking ticket costs:

  • The cost of a Dalhousie parking ticket is $20.00.
  • The penalty for illegally parking in accessible parking areas will range from $20 to $100.00.

Permit cancellations:

  • Continued parking violations within a twelve (12) month period will result in the cancellation of the permit and/or withdrawal of University parking privileges; as will failure to observe traffic signs or to comply with the instructions of any authorized official employed in the control of traffic or parking.

Tire locking (also known as booting)

Security Services has first-offense immobilization, or “booting,” for vehicles without Dal permits parked without authorization on the Halifax campuses.

For vehicles with Dal permits a tire locking device will be used on the 4th parking ticket and all subsequent parking tickets for the remainder of the year.

  • The cost to have the locking device removed is $100
  • The device can be removed by contacting Security Services at 902-494-6400.


A vehicle will be towed in situations that could potentially impact personal safety or cause damage to university property, including:

  • Parking on walkways, grassed, or landscaped areas
  • Unauthorized parking in a reserved space
  • Blocking access and exit roads or obstructing the movement of traffic
  • Obstructing snow removal operations
  • Obstructing a fire hydrant, fire lane, fire door, or loading zone and/or a point of entry/exit of a building
  • Damaged or vehicles not in good working order that are leaking fluid or hazardous vapors that may spill onto University property

Appeal policy

In the event that the ticket recipient is not satisfied with the resolution, the individual can submit their complaint, in writing, to