Electric Vehicle Charging

There are eleven Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging stations on our Halifax campuses.  

The spots are reserved for the use of EVs only. Any other vehicles found parked in those spots will be ticketed, immobilized or towed at the owner's expense.  

Requirements vary for the EV spots.

LeMarchant Street Pay and Display Lot:  This lot is for those visiting campus for short periods. Anyone may charge their vehicle here so long as they show proof of parking purchase on the day of use. Even if you have a Dal permit, you still have to show proof of payment here. 

Dalplex Parking Lot: EV users do not need a permit but ONLY EVs may park there and they MUST be plugged in. Users must also pay $2 per hour via parking meter while charging. 

All other EV stations: EV users must show a valid Dal parking pass of any type. 

All EV spots are available on a first come first served basis. We ask users to be conscious of how long it takes to charge their vehicle and to move at the end of charging to allow another vehicle to use the resource. EV owners do not need a special permit, merely a valid Dalhousie Parking permit of any type except in the case of Dalplex.

If you see a violation, you can always call security at 494-4109.

Studley Campus:

(1 spot) Parking lot of the Steele Ocean Sciences Building. (Any kind of valid Dalhousie parking permit must be visible)

(1 spot) Le Marchant Street Pay and Display parking lot. (proof of purchase of parking must be visible. A valid Dalhousie parking permit cannot be used here.)

(6 spots) Dalplex Parking Lot at the bottom of the driveway on the right. (No permit required but the vehicle must be electric, must be plugged in and users must pay $2 per hour via meter.)

Sexton Campus:

(3 spots by September 2019) Near the Medjuck Building (Any kind of valid Dalhousie parking permit must be visible)