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Sexton parking changes

Posted by Admin on September 15, 2016 in Parking, News

Hello everyone,

There are several changes on Sexton Campus this academic year that have affected parking.

These changes were not taken lightly.

They were planned, analyzed and approved by Dalhousie Administration through the Transportation and Security Committee. There are representatives from all campuses and all employee groups on that committee. These changes were anticipated and that is why Dalhousie made the 200-spot Rosina parking lot available in 2015. Even with changes noted below, Sexton Campus will have a net parking gain since 2014. A map for all parking areas can be found on the Security website at Dal.ca/parking.

Also,  a reminder that purchase of a general parking permit does not guarantee a spot. Refunds for general parking permits are available on a pro-rated basis for those who pay using payroll deduction. For those who pay in cash, no refund is available thiry days after purchase. 

Parking is a challenge throughout the Halifax peninsula and Dal’s campuses are no exception. Dalhousie has finite land available, and a need to ensure its core spaces are focused on its academic mission.  

Dalhousie is also one of the few employers that offers any parking on peninsular Halifax and our rates are well below what is available privately.

Future Development

Two new buildings are being constructed - the Innovation Building alongside C and C1 and the Design Building on Morris Street. Five other buildings are being renovated as part of an overall renewal of the Sexton Campus. This construction has meant the loss of nearly 100 parking spots.  

As a campus with a community of more than 20,000 people, there is no possible way we can accommodate parking for everyone. The parking problems now occurring on Sexton have existed for years on Studley and Carlton campuses. Please be assured that a great deal of thought and planning went into the changes at the Rosina parking lot, as with every change to parking on campus.

Other alternatives

Dalhousie does offer all members of the community discounted bus passes, and encourages Active transportation, carpooling and other options which you can learn more about on the Dalhousie SMART Trip site.

Thank you for your understanding, and comments are welcome at parking@dal.ca