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Dentistry Clinic and Facilities Renewal Weekly Look Ahead (July 22)

Posted by Admin on July 22, 2016 in Dentistry Renewal, News

Information Item: All ICP barriers are in place and the required negative air pressure required by the ICP plan is being monitored. Pressure to be monitored continuously throughout construction and ICP consumables (filters, sticky mats, etc.) to be changed as necessary.


Level 1 MDR

-        Schedule was moved ahead one week by Dentistry’s request. Handover is now August 12th

-        M&E finishes will continue next week

-        Flooring will continue next week

-        Wall tile will continue next week

-        New 3-way valves for the MDR heating loop will be installed next week. The valves are on site

-        1736 Water to water heat pumps were re-piped this week. With 3-way valves, heating system will be complete


 Lvl 1 PH 2.1 & 2.2 North Clinic

-        Sprinkler demo is complete

-        Northeast Mechanical and Electrical ceiling rough-ins are ongoing

-        Northwest concrete reinstatement was poured yesterday

Lvl 2 PH 2.2 North Clinic

-        Mechanical demo in ongoing

-        Layout of cores for chairs is complete. Scanning is ongoing. Core drilling is ongoing

-        M&E Rough-ins are ongoing


-        Rough-ins are ongoing for the new heating and medical gas services

-        HVAC rough-ins in the penthouse are ongoing

-        Mechanical demolition in the penthouse is ongoing

-        Existing emergency generator panel is being upgraded this weekend as part of the 3-day electrical shutdown

Lvl 1 PH 2.4 Corridor

-        Corridor schedule was moved ahead one week with MDR

-        M&E rough-ins are ongoing

-        New HVAC was added for this corridor with CCO #017 today. This work may start next week

Lvl 2 PH 2.4 Corridor

-        M&E rough-ins are ongoing

-        Existing propane line will be relocated on Monday

-        HVAC work in Dental Stores will start Monday

Shutdowns Next Week

1.      The Dentistry, Burbidge and Forrest Electrical shutdown is ongoing this weekend July 22nd, 23rd and 24th

2.      Propane shutdown will be first thing Monday morning, with propane going back on at 8:30

3.      A domestic water shutdown will be required next week, pending RFI #266 response and change documentation. Details TBC


General Items


- Infection control is being monitored 24/7 to ensure there is no contamination to adjacent areas. Note that with no power or lighting during the electrical shutdown, the site is closed for the weekend. Negative air is not being maintained during the shutdown

- Phase 2.2 areas are full construction zones. Full PPE is required past the site perimeter signage.