Fitness Centre

Project update

The new Fitness Centre will include new cardio and strength training facilities, group fitness studios, new customer service and equipment rental facilities and new change rooms. The project team has reviewed user specifications to ensure the building is appropriate for our student population.

For more information about the project as it nears completion, please see these FAQs.

What about Dalplex?

The new Fitness Centre will operate alongside Dalplex and serve the fitness needs of the Dal community. It does not replace Dalplex, but will serve very specific needs and audiences. The current Dalplex building and Studley Gym are aging, and over the next few years we will assess the overall recreation needs of our community and determine the best path forward.



We are honouring a commitment made to our student community by providing a modern fitness and recreation facility. Our goal is to serve the athletic and recreational needs of the entire Dalhousie community- our students, faculty, staff, Dalplex members and our neighbors. We are committed to continuing to work with our community as we move forward in bringing this vision to life.


Key features for the new Fitness Centre include:

  • Core Space (lobby, reception, offices)
  • Fitness Space (cardio, strength training, high performance area)
  • Multi-Use Studios (large and small)
  • Change Rooms (Women, Men, Universal)
  • Back of House (building operations, mechanical, storage) 

Project Overview

  • Location: Taking the place of Eliza Ritchie Hall on South Street, connected to the Dalplex
  • Size: Approximately 56,900 sq.ft.
  • Budget: 23.3 million
  • Construction start date: mid September 2015
  • Construction completion date: Spring 2018
  • Architects: FBM Architects and MJMA Architects
  • Construction firm: Bird Construction
  • Amenities:
    • Core space for lobby, offices and reception
    • Fitness space including a high performance strength training area and cardio space
    • Multi-use studios 
    • Change rooms for women, men and universal