Carleton to Sexton District Heating Project

Approved route by the HRM for the replacement of the current steam line with hot water heating system

Download the route's map for the Carleton to Sexton District Heating Project. 



The Dalhousie Carleton to Sexton District Heating Project will replace the steam based district heating system (DES), from Carleton to Sexton Campus, to a district energy hot water line enabling the University to heat the campus with hot water rather than steam. This option provides the least costly and most efficient energy solution to replace the pipeline and meet the demands of the growing campus.

Project Overview

  • Location: Carleton to Sexton Campus (see map)
  • Size: 2.5 km of pipeline will be installed
  • Budget: 6.3M
  • Construction start date: May 2015
  • Construction completion date: Fall 2015 
  • Construction firm: Dexter Construction

Project Delivery

In addition to Sexton Campus, the new heating system will provide services to Gerrard Hall along with the new IDEA Building and Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB), with all the hot water produced from a new Steam Conversion Station to be located in the basement level of the Tupper Building located on Carleton Campus.

Approved by the city, the route as agreed with HRM for the construction of the new heating system is the following: 

  • East along College Street
  • South along Summer Street
  • East along University Avenue
  • North along South Park Street
  • East along Brenton/Clyde Street
  • Through Sexton Campus to N‐Building
  • 100 trench meter branch line to service Gerard Hall
  • 5 trench meter branch line to service CHEB
  • 5 trench meter branch line to service the new Engineering Building
For a more detailed timeline, please download the preliminary Heating System Schedule [PDF-84KB]. 

Construction Updates