Aquatron Project

Renovations give researchers a more sustainable lab

The Aquatron Laboratory offers researchers approximately 50,000 sq ft of research space and houses a large number of marine and fresh water labs where scientists conduct work in marine engineering, marine biology and oceanography. The new renovations will follow through with the original design to re-circulate fresh and sea water, allowing for long term sustainability.

The cost saving solution

Johnson Controls’ solution will cause the Lab to consume 85% less fresh water and experience a significant reduction in its thermal energy costs. JCI’s Solution:

  • An ambient sea water pre-treatment system will be more reliable, help stabilize seawater distribution pressures and flows to the labs, and reduce energy consumption
  • The ambient fresh water pre-treatment system will reduce potable water consumption and reliance on de-chlorination facilities, reducing thermal energy consumption
  • A sea water pressure control system will replace failing equipment and help stabilize heated sea water flow rates
  • Oceanography and Biology wet labs and tanks will allow heat recovery from spent sea water, reduce chlorine demand for effluent treatment, reduce potable water consumption, reduced reliance on de-chlorination facilities and reduce thermal energy consumption
  • A heat recovery system will reduce steam heat demand