Current Minor Projects

Active Projects

Henry Hicks Envelope

Henry Hicks Building is an iconic building to Dalhousie that houses classrooms, Registrar's Office, Student Accounts, and a number of student services and administration offices. This building is showing signs of aging and environmental issues that need to be fixed.

Health issues have been created due to mold and water causing staff and students to be relocated. There are also many open areas along the outside of the building, gutters that need to be replaced, and roof flashing that allows leaks. This has caused mold growth and poor air quality as well the structure is beginning to fail.

The total project is being completed in phases. The current phase of this project will work towards completing all of the masonry repair work, fix the air quality, improve energy efficiency water leakages and reduce future maintenance costs. This project will provide a safer environment that promotes a culture of service and engagement among students, faculty, and staff.

Total Budget: $9.1M
Start Date: Spring 2015
Expected End Date: Fall 2018
Contractor: Coastal Restoration
Architect: Richard Casner

Sexton Campus A.L. Macdonald Building Envelope

It was noticed in 2014 that the extrior of the A.L. Macdonald building on the Dalhousie Sexton campus was starting to show its age. Because of this consultants were called in to assess the damange of the building. They revealed that  bricks were cracked, bricks had moved, and steel shelf angles were cracked, disengaged from the building structure and rusted.

Emergency repairs were conducted by mounting steel reinforcing bands on the exterior to hold the bricks in place. It was determined that a new cladding system, with new windows and insulation will be used instead of replacing the steel shelf angles and repointing the bricks.

 The MacDonald Building project will be completed in phases. The project will help address the structural needs of the building with a new cladding system. This will make the building safer and will enhance the energy performance of the building this will also give a better educational experience.

Total Budget: $10M

Recently Completed Projects

Weldon Law Envelope

There have been ongoing renovations to the Weldon Law building to restore both the outside and inside of the building. In 2009 a ground level panel fell of the side of the building, this lead to the 2013 Hazardous Materials Assessment of the building. The assessment showed that there was a need to renew multiple areas of the structure.

Problems that were improved by renovations include: increased insulation to the exterior walls of the, water damage on drywall and around windows, removal of mold in rooms along the perimeter of the building, and structural concrete beams which pieces of have fallen off into the electrical vault. This vault supplies power to the majority of the buildings on the Carlton and Studley campuses.

Fixing the structural needs of this building will also create comfortable, healthy and energy efficient space for students and staff. These renovations will reduce future maintenance costs, protect electrical equipment and improve the quality of teaching space. The result will better learning environment for current and future students.

Total Budget: $6.6M
Start Date: 2014
Expected End Date: Summer 2016
Architect: Graheme Duffus
Contractor: Coastal Restoration