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Now Recruiting: Student Summer Employment Opportunities

Posted by Staff on January 30, 2017 in News
Over 25 full-time opportunities are available for Dalhousie students.
Over 25 full-time opportunities are available for Dalhousie students.

Each spring and summer, when Dalhousie seems to slow down and many students leave campus for their summer break, Conference Services & Summer Accommodations ramps up for four months of conferences, events, weddings and overnight guest accommodations in both Halifax and Truro.

With Ancillary Services being a major student employer on campus, it’s little surprise that each year Conference Services & Summer Accommodations recruits for over 25 full-time positions on campus, in a variety of entry-level and supervisory roles.

“In addition to a competitive hourly wage and complimentary accommodations, summer employment within our department provides incredible professional development opportunities – working as a Customer Service Associate years ago propelled me to where I am now in my career,” says acting Conference Services Sales Manager, Lyle Quinn.

This coming season, a variety of full-time Conference Services & Summer Accommodations positions are available via Dalhousie’s myCareer:

  • Associate Team Leader (job ID# 59855)
  • Associate Team Leader, Agricultural Campus (job ID# 60117)
  • Customer Service Associate (job ID# 59853)
  • Customer Service Associate – Six Week Term (job ID# 59854)
  • Customer Service Associate, Agricultural Campus (job ID# 60118)
  • Linen Associate (job ID# 59857)
  • Linen Associate – Four Week Term (job ID# 59858)
  • Event Assistant (job ID# 59862)
  • Sales Assistant (job ID# 59905)

Other full-time summer employment opportunities are also available in the DalCard Office and Residence Office:

  • Residence Office Assistant (job ID# 60056)
  • DalCard Office Assistant (job ID# 60095)

Dalhousie students are encouraged and able to apply for all positions until February 26, 2017 at 11:59pm AST.