Panopto‑enabled rooms

Live lecture capture is available in three ways on campus:

1.    Rooms where you can use your own device

These rooms contain an automated recorder and sometimes a camera to capture audio, video and data. You must use the microphone system in the room to teach.

1.     Ondaatje Hall (recording device)
2.     Scotia Bank Auditorium (recording device and camera)
3.     Dunn 117 (recording device)
4.     LSC 240 (recording device and camera)

2.    Rooms where you must use the podium PC

This includes software downloaded onto podium PC’s in classrooms that allows for automated lecture capture to capture audio and data. You must use the podium PC in the room and microphone system (if there is one) to teach. Rooms without in-house microphone systems are outfitted with stationary USB microphones.

1.     CHEB 140, 150, 170, 264 and 266 (camera and recording software)
2.     Mona Campbell 1108 (recording software)
3.     B225 and D416 (recording software)
4.     Computer Science 127 (recording software)

3.    Personal capture: You can capture a live lecture using your personal device. This will require you to download the personal capture software on your personal device and set it up to record prior to your lecture. A USB mic is recommended to take full advantage of this method of capture. 

If you are teaching in a classroom that is available for automated lecture capture, you will be notified in Brightspace and asked whether you would like to schedule a recording. Please email with any questions or concerns.