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Instructional Tools

Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Dalhousie has chosen to phase-in Panopto, a tool for lecture capture and streaming media. During the first academic year of this phase, 2016–2017, the automated live lecture capture will be installed in three lecture halls (locations to be determined). The personal recording software is available to all faculty. 

Panopto's easy-to-use interface makes it possible to flip your classroom, record screencasts from your devices, and upload previously recorded videos. Panopto is fully integrated with Brightspace making playback through the learning management system easy.

Students can use Panopto to turn assignments into multimedia presentations, review lectures on-demand, and search inside shared videos

Panopto puts you in the classroom any time of day, providing students with the flexibility they need.

Panopto support 

Panopto-enabled rooms at Dalhousie.


Plagiarism Detection Software (Urkund)

The Academic IT Committee supported a recommendation of Urkund with the expectation that a deeper integration between Urkund and Brightspace would be in place by September.  We have confirmed that the deeper integration between Urkund and Brightspace is not yet ready, but is expected to be in place in the future. In the interim, we are suggesting the following workflow to maximize the student experience:

1.     Set up a regular Assignment Dropbox in Brightspace and have students submit their documents there. Grade and provide feedback in this Dropbox on Brightspace.

2.     Do a bulk download of student submissions from the Brightspace Dropbox. This produces a zip file containing all submissions, and file names are modified to include the student name so that you can identify the submitter.

3.     Bulk upload the submitted files into Urkund for originality checking, and view the originality reports in Urkund.

We will provide updates when we have more information about the deeper integration.

Please remember to inform students that you will be using plagiarism detection software to check their work and they have the right to use other means to prove that they did not plagiarize in other ways as per this policy available on the University Secretariat website:



All queries should be directed to Doug.Rogers@dal.ca