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  1. Recognition of the opportunity to engage colleagues around pedagogical issues relating to eLearning in general
  2. Education and training are key components of supporting faculty, staff and students in migrating to a new system
  3. Project priority is a smooth transition
  4. Phased implementation will support a successful migration
  5. Continuous communication and engagement with Faculties is critical

Phase one:

A small pilot is being conducted this fall. Several criteria were used to select participants, including relative “program self-containment” so that all courses will be migrated concurrently into Brightspace. The following programs are a part of this pilot:

  • The Faculty of Agriculture (all programs)
  • The Faculty of Management (mid-career graduate programs through CFAME)
  • The Faculty of Architecture and Planning (all programs)
  • The Faculty of Health Professions (Social Work programs)

Phase two:

Phase two of the implementation is beginning now for courses that will be taught in January. The following programs have agreed to be a part of Phase 2:

  • Faculty of Engineering (3rd year and higher)
  • Postgraduate Medical Education
  • School of Occupational Therapy (with the exception of Disability Management)
  • School of Journalism at the University of King’s College
  • Faculty of Management (all remaining graduate programs excepting the CRMBA)
  • CNLT 5000 from the Centre for Learning and Teaching

Phase three

Phase three will include all remaining programs at Dalhousie.

  • The first live courses for phase three will include all summer courses in 2016

Process and timeline