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The migration to Brightspace by D2L is happening at a key moment as the university moves forward with developing a "clearer strategy and approach to eLearning that sifts through the hype and brings together best practices from inside and outside Dalhousie." (Strategic Priority 1.5 - Inspiration and Impact: Dalhousie's Strategic Direction 2014-18.)

All courses taught in the Spring/Summer semesters of 2016 will be taught in Brightspace. The summer migration has been completed. If you did not receive your summer content, please email intech@dal.ca

All fall/winter courses on the upcoming timetable will be migrated to Brightspace. If your course is not offered this year but you want it migrated, please contact intech@dal.ca

Old courses not being taught will be archived. We recommend that instructors keep a backup of all course files outside of the learning management system.

Instructors should create an archive of submitted materials such as grades, papers, and discussion forums. This information does not migrate from BbLearn to Brightspace. BbLearn will not be accessible as of July 29, 2016.

If you have a non-academic space, including online communities on BbLearn that you would like migrated, you must contact intech@dal.ca prior to July 29, 2016.