For Industry


We welcome inquires on how we can help industry solve its problems.  We have expertise in many clean tech research areas.  Depending on the project, some external funding may be available.  

Success Stories


Greener concrete products

CarbonCure Technologies, a Halifax-based startup company, has developed technology to recycle waste carbon dioxide gas back into affordable, greener solid concrete products. In collaboration between Mark MacDonald (CarbonCure) and Dr. Ulrike Werner-Zwanziger (NMR-3, Dalhousie University) solid State NMR spectroscopy characterized the cement structure at the molecular level following the carbon capture and storage. 

Controlling overheating with phase change materials 

What approaches could be used to help control the temperature of portable electronic devices without using a fan?  That’s a research question Intel Corporation asked the research community.  

Dr. Dominic Groulx (LAMTE – Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Dr. Mary Anne White  (Department of Chemistry) proposed using phase change materials to store some of the additional energy and delay any instances of overheating – all passively without using any power.  This led to a 3-year research collaboration between the multinational company and the Dalhousie researchers.  The results were a fully validated proof-of-concept device using less than 15 grams of inexpensive and bio-based materials; numerous research firsts on long-term stability and chemical compatibility of phase change materials; thermal modeling of thin storage systems; and real-life thermal management of very thin electronic systems.


Resources for Researchers

Links to Facilities for Materials Characterization and to other materials characterization facilities at Dalhousie University available here.

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