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Everything you need for your on-campus event

Working lunches. Wedding receptions. Coffee breaks. Cocktail receptions. They all require food & beverage services and we're happy to help you make the arrangements for your specific needs. We'll also help you access the technology you need for your event.

Audiovisual Services

We can work with Instructional Media Services on your behalf to ensure the technology you need is in place for your event.

Instructional Media Services provides a wide range of audiovisual equipment to enhance any meeting, event or conference. Through them, we can arrange access to built-in equipment, such as data projectors; ensure compatability with equipment you're bringing on campus; and rent additional equipment you require. They also offer technical support.

Please note that audiovisual equipment (either built-in or required) must be booked in advance of use and is not included in room rental rates.

See the Instructional Media Services website to learn more.

Catering Services

Once you've booked your meeting room or event space, we'll advise you of the specific food service arrangements for your venues. If there isn't an alternative contract in place, Dalhousie Food Services is our recommended on-campus catering service partner.

Dalhousie Food Services can provide staff, dinnerware and a selection of menus to suit the taste of any group gathered for a formal or casual function. See the Dalhousie Food Services' catering website to learn more.

While we can asssist you with the process, catering services are booked and billed directly through the catering company.

Bar Services

The majority of venues on campus are licensed for the sale and distribution of alcohol, however, it's important to confirm this requirement when you book your space.

Dalhousie Bar Services holds the exclusive license for the sale and distribution of alcohol on campus. While we can assist you with the process, Bar Services are booked and billed directly through Dalhousie Bar Services.

Bar Services can provide qualified servers and bartenders, bar set up, glassware and product for events of any size. Host bar services can be invoiced to a single client or cash bar service can be made available.

See the Dalhousie Student Union Bar Services webpage to learn more.