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Academic Events

Internal clients enjoy discounts on bookings

We review each faculty, student and alumni event on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Conference Services to learn whether your plans qualify for internal discounts.

Academic Event Bookings

Academic Events are eligible for a discount on meeting rooms and event spaces. Additionally, when you pay by journal entry, you do not pay Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Alumni and seniors receive a 10% discount on accommodations. And, when you pay by journal entry, Academic Events do not pay HST or the Marketing Levy on accommodations.  

Student Bookings

Students do not pay for meeting rooms if they are booking as part of a ratified student society. Student event space is usually booked with Campus Bookings.

Any student with a valid Student ID will receive the student rate on accommodations.

Discounted Rates for Academic Events

This chart represents the range of rates for academic meetings and events. Please contact Conference Services for information about specific venues and half day rates. Rates do not include tax.

Building Venues Capacities Academic Daily Rates
Chemistry Building flat & tiered classrooms 50-180 $74-$90
Goldberg Computer Science Building tiered classroom 120 $134
Henry Hicks Building flat & tiered classrooms 35-110 $60-$102
Howe Hall lounges, study halls & dining rooms 30-400 $48-$188
Killam Library flat classrooms 48-93 $44-$120
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building theatre, tiered classrooms & lobby 58-400 $112-$336
Life Sciences Centre flat & tiered classrooms 20-149 $44-$74
Marion McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building theatre, flat classrooms, computer labs & lobby 30-500 $108-$320
Mona Campbell Building flat classrooms 8-64 $74-$112
Risley Hall boardrooms, dining room
10-125 $96-$140
Shirreff Hall lounge, study hall & dining room 10-200 $48-$280
Sir James Dunn flat & tiered classrooms 35-234 $60-$90
Weldon Law Building flat & tiered classrooms 20-172 $88-$162
Dentistry Building
(Carleton Campus)
theatre, seminar rooms, flat & tiered classrooms 12-153 $74-$118
Life Sciences Research Institute (Carleton Campus) atrium 300 $462
Tupper Building
(Carleton Campus)
theatres and flat classrooms 18-189 $74-$118
Sexton Campus Buildings tiered & flat classrooms 30-96 $58-$130

Rates are only for the use of the venue. Additional costs might include: audiovisual services, food & beverage services, custodial services, set-up & tear-down services and security services. See Services to learn more.