Social media guidelines

Dalhousie’s social media goals

  • Grow and maintain Dalhousie’s positive reputation through our engagement in popular social media destinations.
  • Strengthen our relationship with key audiences by providing opportunities for genuine two-way communication and interaction online.
  • Ensure that Dalhousie communications keep up with the changing media landscape so that our news and information is accessible throughout the increasingly multi-platform web environment.

Dalhousie's guiding social media principles

  • Social media must be integrated with broader communications and marketing strategies and tactics in support of the strategic objectives of the university.
  • Audiences that are more engaged in communications – by responding, customizing or contributing it – form a stronger, more productive relationship with the university and provides us with crucial feedback.
  • Although not appropriate for all university business, there are many benefits of public online conversation: users learn from each other’s contributions, feel more connected to a community and gain trust and confidence in the university for sponsoring discussion.

Best practices documents