Honorifics and Professional Titles

Honorifics (Mr., Ms., Dr.)

  • On first reference to an individual, use their full first and last name without an honorific.
     - John Smith
  • On all subsequent references, use the appropriate honorific followed by the person’s last name only. Dr. is the preferred honorific for Dalhousie staff and faculty with a PhD or an MD. (Do not use “Dr.” for individuals whose doctorates are honorary.) For faculty without a PhD, use Prof. or Mr./Ms. when appropriate. For all other persons, use Mr. or Ms. In varsity athletics, Coach is also acceptable.
     - Dr. Smith
     - Mr. Smith
     - Coach Smith
     - Prof. Smith

Professional titles

  • Following CP standards, professional titles are only capitalized when immediately preceding a person’s name. In all other instances, they are lowercased.
     - Vice-President Academic John Smith
     - John Smith, vice-president academic
  • For faculty, provide a proper academic title whenever possible (assistant professor, associate professor, professor, lecturer). If a faculty member has other titles—such as a research chair or hospital appointment—they can be included either following their Dalhousie title or in subsequent paragraphs.