Faculties, Departments and Offices

Capitalization, short forms and nicknames

  • Capitalize the proper names of departments, faculties and programs. Colloquial names should be lowercased.
     - Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
     - biology department, science program

  • Do not capitalize the words department and faculty unless they are part of the department or faculty’s proper name. In cases where the reader may be confused as to whether ‘faculty’ refers to the administrative unit or to the university’s academic staff, the word may be capitalized in reference to administration, although it’s preferred to repeat the faculty’s proper name.
     - The Faculty contains 24 full-time faculty. (okay)
     - The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences hosts 24 full-time faculty. (preferred)

  • Use the full name of university buildings, programs or centres on first reference. Nicknames or short forms can be used on subsequent references, capitalized when appropriate.

  • If the nickname may be unfamiliar to readers, include it in parentheses following the first reference. Do not capitalize words such as “building” or “library” when they are not part of a proper name.
     - The Killam Memorial Library is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. There are many services available at the Killam for students. Make sure to take advantage of all that the library has to offer.