Buildings and Locations

Building or unit names

Capitalize full references and lowercase subsequent alternative references:

  • Dalhousie University; the university
  • College of Continuing Education; the college
  • Department of Biology; the department, the biology department
  • Killam Library; the library

Building acronyms

  • Spell out all acronyms on first reference and include the acronym in parentheses following the name. Afterwards, you can just use the acronym on the same page.

    The Dalhousie Student Union Building (SUB) was opened in 1971. The SUB hosts a variety of services for students.

    *Do not assume that a reader understands an acronym that was featured earlier in a document or website. Readers may be scanning, skipping or—in the case of online—accessing the content through a number of different entry points (web search, links, etc.).
  • Commonly used building acronyms:
    • FASS - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    • LSC - Life Sciences Centre
    • SUB - Student Union Building
    • CS - Computer Science
    • CSB - Central Services Building
    • DSU - Dalhousie Student Union


  • Dalhousie has four campuses:
    • Carleton Campus
    • Sexton Campus
    • Studley Campus
    • Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
  • "Campus" can be used as a generic term to describe the physical university, but when referring to specific locations, ensure the reader can identify which exactly which campus (Carleton, Sexton, Studley, Agricultural) or place (Halifax, Truro, etc.) the information applies to. For example:
    • "The news seemed to excite all of campus."
    • "The event takes place at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus."