Editorial Style Guide

Helpful guidelines for those in the writing trenches

At Dalhousie University, we produce communications and marketing materials for a wide range of audiences from students and parents, campus visitors and internal groups, to the media and government officials. Whether in print or on the web, our words and messaging should always express our brand components and reflect our brand promise.

Guidelines to help you write

This Editorial Style Guide is a non-academic reference that provides answers to general questions around style and usage.

Following Canadian Press (CP) guidelines, and considering particular Dalhousie-specific style practices, these guidelines help achieve consistency and encourage a common style across Dalhousie communications, recognizing that there will always be circumstances where exceptions will apply.

If you are a writer or editor at Dal, we encourage you to purchase a copy of the Canadian Press Stylebook, as well as its companion text for quick reference, Canadian Press Caps and Spellings, and refer to these for questions not answered here.

Comments and suggestions

Language and its use is constantly changing, creating interesting and sometimes frustrating challenges for writers and editors. Please feel free to contribute to these guidelines by sending comments or suggestions via our web form.