Web renewal project

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A refreshed website to better support Dalhousie

With millions of unique page views over the past year, dal.ca is the university’s primary platform to communicate with students, staff, faculty, alumni and the community.

The ability to effectively communicate is critical to Dalhousie's three-fold mission and ability to support our university community. After almost 10 years since the last substantial update, we're excited to embark on a multi-year project to deliver a new dal.ca that is:

  • Accessible
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Simplified in design and navigation
  • Focused on a dynamic user and storytelling experience 
  • Easy to navigate, ensuring information can be quickly located

Information for dal.ca site owners and web authors

The dal.ca web renewal project team will be working with those who manage and maintain existing AEM sites to help them prepare for the transition to Touch UI. A new myDal intranet site is being built to house project-specific guidance and offer a one-stop resource for web development, training, and ongoing support for our authoring community. 

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