Media relations advising & training

Helping your story reach its perfect audience

Maybe you have a newsworthy research project the world should know about or a high profile event to publicize; or if you offer a particular expertise in a field, we can help you “spread the word.” Or maybe a reporter is on the phone and wants to do a story with you and you're not sure how to proceed.

The media relations team can help advise you on next steps and what you need to know when dealing with the media. We can help you reach out and make contact with reporters. Every media-related situation is different and sometimes the process can be a bit confusing but we can help answer your questions and sort out how best to make the most these opportunities.

Speak comfortably and confidently to the media

Is dealing with a reporter worth your time? The quick answer is: yes. Media relations lays the groundwork for public interest in your work. Even the smallest news appearances, repeated over time, builds public recognition, credibility and reputation for your work.

A media interview is an opportunity to tell your story. It is an opportunity to profit from, not an ordeal to be feared – provided you are aware of and become comfortable with a few simple concepts and practical facts about the news media.

We offer media training to groups or individuals throughout the campus. There's no charge for the service – just your time.

Through our media training, you will:

  • Take the opportunity to practice on-camera exercises
  • Learn about effective messaging
  • Find out how the media world works and what their expectations are (not to mention the importance of checking your hair and teeth before going on camera!).
  • Become more comfortable and confident with the process so when the media comes calling it's all about the opportunity, not the anxiousness.