Media & communications

Providing counsel and support to the Dalhousie community

We provide counsel and support to a large university community with a diverse set of communications needs. We develop and implement strategic communications plans, take the lead on community relations, coach and mentor communicators, offer crisis and issues management, and tell our collective story through many publications.

We offer a range of internal communications services to members of the Dalhousie community:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Communications planning
  • Publications development
  • Strategic counsel

Please contact us to arrange a communications consultation.

Speak to the media and find an audience for your story

A call from the media may feel more like an inconvenience than an opportunity. It might even seem frightening. Or, maybe you have a great story to tell, but you're not sure how to connect it to audiences, locally, nationally or around the world.

We can help. Our communications team works with reporters and television producers every day. We can train you to speak effectively to the media and we will find the right market and outlet for your story.

Good media relations lays the groundwork for greater public interest in your work. Even the smallest news appearances, repeated over time, build recognition, credibility and reputation amongst the public.

Building an audience that understands, accepts and supports your work is important to your professional reputation and to Dalhousie's institutional identity as well.