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Staff directory

Office of the AVP, Communications & Marketing

Catherine Bagnell Styles, assistant vice-president, communications & marketing

Phone: 902-494-3078, Email: cbstyles@dal.ca

Wendy Gauthier, executive assistant to the AVP

Phone: 902-494-1339


Brian Leadbetter, director of communications & public relations

Phone: 902-494-4144, or email: brian.leadbetter@dal.ca

Janet Bryson, senior communications manager

Phone: 902-494-1269, or email: janet.bryson@dal.ca

Sarah Dawson, senior communications advisor

Phone: 902-266-7449, or email: sarah.dawson@dal.ca

Ryan McNutt, senior communications advisor (editor, Dal News & Today@Dal)

Phone: 902-494-6035, email: ryan.mcnutt@dal.ca

Stephanie Rogers, communications officer (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus)

Phone: 902-893-7247, or email: s.rogers@dal.ca

Lindsay Savelle, media relations officer

Currently on leave.

Matt Reeder, communications advisor

Phone: 902-494-4289, or email: matt.reeder@dal.ca

Karen Cairney, manager (community engagement)

Phone: 902-494-2786, or email: karen.cairney@dal.ca


Hope McCallum, director of marketing

Phone: 902-494-2804, or email: hope.mccallum@dal.ca

Keri Irwin, communications & marketing manager (institutional advertising)

Phone: 902-494-6039, or email: keri.irwin@dal.ca

Stefanie Wilson, senior marketing content specialist

Phone: 902-494-6880, or email: stefanie.wilson@dal.ca

Monique Thomas, communications & marketing manager (web)

Phone: 902-494-4218, or email: monique.thomas@dal.ca

Mary-Eleanor Power, marketing manager (faculty marketing)

Phone: 902-893-6527, or email: mfpower@dal.ca

Mike Pauley, web specialist (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus)

Phone: 902-893-6038, or email: mike.pauley@dal.ca

Lyle Quinn, digital manager

Phone: 902-494-6494, or Email: lyle.quinn@dal.ca

Erica Gagnon, communications and marketing officer, 200th Anniversary

Phone: 902-494-8483, or Email: erica.gagnon@dal.ca

Creative Services

Paul Williams, creative director

Phone: 902-494-8061, or email: pdw@dal.ca

Gail LeBlanc, graphic designer

Phone: 902-494-8064, or email: gail.leblanc@dal.ca

Brenna MacNeil, graphic designer

Phone: 902-494-1330, or email: brenna.macneil@dal.ca

Luke Smith, graphic designer

Phone: 902-494-1332, or email: luke.smith@dal.ca

Scott Pronych, graphic designer

Phone: 902-494-4542, or email: scott.pronych@dal.ca

Danny Abriel, photographer

Phone: 902-494-1671, or email: daniel.abriel@dal.ca

Nick Pearce, photographer

Phone: 902-494-6559, or email: nick.pearce@dal.ca

Alison Beckett, office administrator

Phone: 902-494-3636, or email: design.services@dal.ca