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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register for the TAEP?

To register for the TAEP, you must be enrolled in a graduate degree program at Dalhousie University.

Is the TAEP open to undergraduate TAs?

The TAEP is a graduate-level program that expect all participating students to work and perform  at this level. There are 10 reserved spots for undergraduate students who are currently working as TAs. Undergraduate students interested in taking the TAEP must contact the Program Administrator. To be eligible for consideration, you must currently be employed as a TA, in your last year of study at Dalhousie, provide a copy of your transcript, and a letter of approval from your (a) honours supervisor, or (b) when an honours supervisor is not available, the instructor of the course you are TA'ing. 

Do I have to have teaching assistantship experience, currently hold a TAship, or have the opportunity to TA in the future?

No. If you are a graduate student you do not need to have any experience teaching and/or being a teaching assistant; nor do you need to currently hold, or be expecting to hold a teaching assistantship.  Please see requirements for undergraduate applicants.

How long does it take to complete the TAEP?

The TAEP is designed to be completed within one year (September to May.)  In no circumstance will the TAEP enrolment exceed the duration of the student's graduate program.

When should I sign up for the TAEP?

There is limited enrolment to the TAEP (50 graduate students, and 10 undergraduate seats.)  Enrolment closes mid-September.  The exact date will be available annually.

Can I still be enrolled in the TAEP if I am working away from the Dalhousie University campus?

Participants enrolled in the TAEP program may maintain their registration and work on its completion without being present on campus. The mixture of online and face-to-face opportunities allows for flexibility for participants who may not be able to attend all campus functions.

What is the cost of the TAEP?

The program is offered at no extra cost to students.

Do I need to complete the TAEP components in a specific order?

No. You may complete the programs and component requirements in any order. However, registration for specific components and professional development opportunities is time sensitive (i.e., the micro-teaching has limited space). You will be responsible to be aware of such dates and plan the completion of each component accordingly.  

How do I keep track of my progress?

It is the participant's responsibility to keep track of how many credit sessions of professional development they have completed, and any progress/completion made to the other components of the TAEP. Please use Brightspace to assist you.

How do I find out about professional development opportunities?

A list of upcoming workshops and conferences are advertised on the CLT website. You may attend sessions related to teaching and learning outside the CLT; however, to count towards the professional development requirement they must be approved by the Program Administrator prior to attending.

Can my teaching observation be completed at another institution?

Teaching observations may be completed at other institutions as long as it is a higher education institution (i.e., a university or college), and you have received approval by the instructor to complete the observation.

I haven’t finished my TAEP, but would like to enroll in the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (CUTL), can I transfer to the Certificate?

The CUTL and TAEP are separate programs with complementary competencies and requirements, thus making them two distinct and separate opportunities. Participants enrolled in the TAEP must complete all components of the program before they can begin working on the CUTL. 

I completed the TAEP and am starting my CUTL. Does any aspect of the TAEP count towards the requirements of the CUTL?

Graduates of the TAEP may count the program as 5 professional development credits out of the required 20. Students will be expected to reflect on the experience of the program, what they have learned, and how it impacted their teaching. PD credits used in the TAEP will not be counted towards CUTL PD credits.

How should I notify the CLT that I have completed the TAEP?

All material must be submitted to the Program Administrator, and you will receive verification that you have completed all the components.  All students are required to complete the program by early May.  The exact date will be available annually.

What if I don’t complete the program in time?

If you do not complete your TAEP, you may re-enroll another year. However, not all components will be carried over. You will still need to complete (1) the online modules and engage in the forum discussions; (2) a teaching observation; (3) the critical reflection assignments; and (4) the micro-teaching. The professional development sessions you attended outside of the online modules will be carried over.

How will my completion of the program be recognized?

Upon completion of the TAEP, participants will receive a letter of completion from the CLT for their records.