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Program Goals and Outcomes

Program Goals

The goals of the TAEP are for students to develop a broad set of skills and foundational knowledge to aid the improvement of their teaching confidence and effectiveness in the classroom. Students will practice teaching and facilitating learning by engaging in reflective and professional practice and behaviours, fostering a sense of life-long learning and development, and networking with TAs from a variety of Faculties. 


TAEP participants will be able to...

  • critically reflect on their own and others’ teaching experiences and use this to further their skills as a TA;
  • identify the goals and responsibilities of a professional TA;
  • obtain practical and effective strategies for assisting students, planning learning opportunities, and creating appropriate learning environments;
  • gain experience teaching effectively, and incorporating feedback into their practice;
  • assess the learning needs of their students, and effectively adapt their pedagogy to meet those needs; and
  • build a documentation of their commitment to teaching development.