Certificate Level Learning Outcomes

As a successful participant in the Certificate Program, you will:

  • Be familiar with and able to articulate certain foundational and current theories in teaching and learning.
  • Apply appropriate theories and evidence-based practices to the design and development of courses specific to your discipline(s).
  • Critically reflect on and articulate your values and beliefs around teaching and learning practice, as well as your personal development in pedagogical approaches, methods, and assessments.
  • Engage with, and contribute to, a cross-disciplinary community of teaching and learning practice, including discussion, analysis, and critique on a variety of topics.
  • Offer and receive feedback on teaching practice within and across disciplines.
  • Explore specific or specialized areas of interest in teaching and learning, and apply to your teaching practice. 
  • Create a Teaching Dossier—in preparation for employment, renewal, or promotion and tenure.
  • Meet the specific learning outcomes of individual components of the Certificate.