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Additional Information


A hardcopy Certificate will be issued by the Centre for Learning and Teaching. The nature of the non-credit Certificate is professional development, so it will not appear on a transcript, nor will successful recipients participate in Convocation.

Should a graduate of the program wish to receive a replacement certificate, the CLT will provide one at a nominal fee to cover the cost of producing a replacement certificate.

Course Details

All courses in the Certificate have syllabi with explicit learning outcomes, timetables, and assessment measures. All non-course components have detailed outlines, materials and resources, timelines, explicit learning outcomes, and assessment measures. Most component parts will be delivered face-to-face (with some technology enhanced resources) at the Centre for Learning and Teaching.  Occasionally, a Studio Course may be fully on-line, depending on the topic.  Participants attending from the Truro, Yarmouth, or New Brunswick campuses may request an alternate method for attending.

Time frame

Completion of all four Program Components is necessary to obtain the Certificate. The Faculty Certificate may be completed within one year, or participants may wish to take up to three years to complete the requirements; extensions beyond three years will require prior approval by the Program Coordinator or the Director of the CLT. The non-credit Core Course is equivalent to a graduate level, semester-long course. The various Studio Courses and the Teaching Dossier Workshop will require approximately 8-10 contact-hours each. Each of the three Peer Observations will require approximately two contact-hours in addition to the time for observations.  The Certificate program requires a significant investment of time and energy by participants.


The Certificate is offered in partnership with Executive Education in the Faculty of Management. However, the Centre for Learning and Teaching is responsible for all admission, administration, delivery, and completion processes.  The CLT will coordinate the Certificate program, and all component parts are delivered by members of the CLT and faculty colleagues affiliated with the Centre.