The Centre for Learning and Teaching can help you:

  • Plan a new course, revise an assessment tool, or look for activities to make your class more interactive
  • Enhance your on-line presence in your face-to-face, or online course
  • Improve a particular aspect of your teaching or students’ learning in your class
  • Design a new program, review curriculum already in place, or plan to engage in curriculum mapping

Whether you are teaching in the classroom, in the field/clinic/studio, or in the online environment, the Centre for Learning and Teaching invites you to consult with a member of our staff who will provide you with support and evidence-based guidance to ensure effective outcomes.

CLT also offers customized workshops for your Faculty, department, or teaching team. In consultation with your group, or team leader, we can design a workshop, or workshop series, that will enhance teaching and learning in an area relevant to the current needs and/or interests of your unit.