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Program Goals

Purpose of the Certificate

The purpose of the Certificate Program is to provide an organized set of opportunities for graduate students to:

  • acquire a comprehensive set of concepts, techniques, and teaching skills necessary to become effective teaching assistants and future university teachers, as well as more effective presenters in other contexts;
  • engage in reflective practice and receive feedback from experienced faculty about disciplinary-based teaching; and
  • connect with peers across the disciplines through discussions of learning and teaching
    create a broader and deeper understanding of academic life.


Participation in the Certificate Program will better prepare you to:

  • work as a TA at Dalhousie
  • demonstrate teaching competence when seeking employment
  • talk about your teaching with confidence in job interviews
  • take on the responsibilities of a faculty member or other professional roles requiring effective teaching and communication skills
  • demonstrate your commitment to and achievement in teaching development through an officially documented certificate and transcript notation