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Teaching Dossier

Teaching Dossiers are a significant component of tenure and promotion and re-appointment files at Dalhousie. Teaching Philosophy Statements or Statements of Teaching Interest are increasingly requested for job applications. Whether you are a faculty member, post-doctoral fellow or graduate student, the ability to articulate your approaches to teaching and to ensure alignment of your ideas across your Dossier will enable you to prepare a Teaching Dossier for evaluative purposes. Creating a Dossier also provides you with an opportunity to enhance student learning by encouraging you to reflect upon your teaching philosophy and to ensure that it is connected to the approaches, activities and assessments you plan for your courses.

To learn more about the support and resources available to you and to obtain advice on how to compile a teaching dossier contact the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Killam Library,
6225 University Ave, Suite G90,
Phone: 494-1622
Email: clt@dal.ca