Creating a Teaching Dossier

The teaching dossier (or portfolio) is widely used by faculty members to document their teaching experience and responsibilities, and to provide evidence of the quality of their skill development and ongoing teaching practice. At Dalhousie, candidates for faculty appointments, re-appointment, tenure, or promotion are usually required to submit a teaching dossier as part of the application process. Teaching dossiers and teaching philosophies are increasingly required for faculty job applications at many institutions. In this four-part workshop, you'll have the opportunity to think about your own teaching and how to accurately capture your practice in a dossier.

The Creating a Teaching Dossier workshop takes place over a two-week period each May. 

Although there are four scheduled face-to-face sessions included in this workshop, you should plan to spend additional time between the sessions working on your teaching dossiers. This includes preparing a draft of your Teaching Philosophy Statement during the first week. The act of compiling a dossier requires you to closely examine your own teaching practice—to help identify strengths and challenges and guide your plans for further developing your teaching.