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Call for Proposals


Thresholds on the Edge...

Call for Proposals is now closed

Dalhousie University invites you to join us on the eastern edge of Canada - or the western edge of the Atlantic, depending on your perspective - for lively discussions, edgy keynotes, and inspiring sessions. This year?s theme, Thresholds on the Edge, pushes us to think about and beyond the edges of our current understandings and practices around threshold concepts. How is the notion of threshold concepts prompting us to reconceptualize our understanding of what it means to teach, learn, and design courses and curricula? How has integrating threshold concepts into your teaching pushed you to the edge of your knowledge, comfort, and identity as a teacher? What new research and practice frontiers lie ahead as we contemplate the next decade of threshold concepts work?

Criteria for Submission Review and Selection

Submissions will be blind peer-reviewed by the program committee. Criteria by which submissions will be assessed are provided below to guide the development of your proposal.

  • Proposals should be related to the conference theme.
  • Proposals should be situated in the literature.
  • Consider how your work can be relevant to people from a variety of disciplines.
  • Consider the following: if participants were to leave with just one useful idea from your session, what would it be?
  • Individuals may present in a maximum of two sessions.  Individuals may be authors, however, on more than two sessions.  The proposal submission form has separate fields for listing presenters and authors.
  • Proposals are limited to 300 words, not including references.

Session formats include the following options

Presentation - Twenty (15 for presentation; 5 for discussion) minutes or 30 minutes (25 for presentation; 5 for discussion), each including at least a five-minute discussion period. Share an approach present empirical findings, or examine theoretical or methodological issues.

Panel Discussion - Sixty minutes or 90 minutes. With a panel of colleagues, address different facets of the Conference theme. Topics may include insights from practice, research, or both. Panels may relate to one discipline, several disciplines, or integrate insights gained from working in an interdisciplinary/multi-disciplinary way. Panels should involve three to five panelists, as well as a moderator, and should include a discussion period of 15 to 20 minutes.

Workshop - Sixty minutes or 90 minutes. Take participants through the process of designing and implementing a strategy that you have used and the insights gained from using that strategy, with some hands-on time built in.

Proposal Submissions

Call is now closed

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