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6th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference

Thresholds on the Edge...

June 15-17, 2016

Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dalhousie University invites you to join us on the eastern edge of Canada - or the western edge of the Atlantic, depending on your perspective - for lively discussions, edgy keynotes, and inspiring sessions. This year’s theme, Thresholds on the Edge, pushes us to think about and beyond the edges of our current understandings and practices around threshold concepts. How is the notion of threshold concepts prompting us to reconceptualize our understanding of what it means to teach, learn, and design courses and curricula? How has integrating threshold concepts into your teaching pushed you to the edge of your knowledge, comfort, and identity as a teacher? What new research and practice frontiers lie ahead as we contemplate the next decade of threshold concepts work?


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Keynote Address
Learning on a Heroic Scale: Threshold Concepts, Hollywood and the Greatest Story Ever Told

Professor Ray Land
University of Durham
Naming What We Know (in Writing Studies):
Engaging Troublesome Trends in Educational Policy and Practice

Dr. Linda Adler-Kassner
University of California, Santa Barbara

Dr. Elizabeth Wardle
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Our students at the Edge

Dr. Shannon Murray
University of Prince Edward Island

Dr. Anne Marie Ryan
Dalhousie University
Dr. Julie Timmermans
University of Waterloo