Make Connections of Your Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, November 24
2-3:30 p.m. Atlantic
Online via Teams Meetings

Being a teaching assistant (TA) while studying for a graduate course may feel like you’re doubling workloads and pressure on top of your program work. There are many benefits to be a TA and teaching during your graduate degree, as many skills (e.g., communication, organization, planning) you are developing as you teach can be transferred to your own learning and future career paths. How can you make full use of your TA experiences? And what can you bring from your own learning to your teaching? Please join us for practical strategies on building the connection between the teaching you do as a TA and the learning you do as a student while you complete your graduate work at Dal. The session will provide you with opportunities to share your teaching and learning experiences with your peers, and by the end of this workshop, we hope you will have a sense of how the dual role of being a student and TA can boost your confidence in teaching and studying.


Dr. Chunming Tai, Educational Developer (Student Development), CLT


Dr. Kate Thompson, Educational Developer (E-learning), CLT