Two-part Workshop Series: Creating a Teaching Dossier

The teaching dossier (or portfolio) is widely used by university academic staff to document their teaching skills and responsibilities and to provide evidence of the quality of their teaching practice. In many Faculties and Departments at Dalhousie, candidates for appointment, re-appointment, tenure, or promotion are required to submit a teaching dossier as part of the application process. Teaching dossiers and teaching philosophies are increasingly requested for job applications.

In this two-part workshop, you'll have the opportunity to think about your own teaching and how to accurately capture your practice in a dossier.

Please note: Participants who register for this workshop are expected to fully participate in both sessions, including preparing a teaching philosophy for the second day.  

Day 1

(Thursday, May 17 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm)

In the first session, you'll receive information and resources for effectively presenting your teaching ideas, experiences, and evidence in a teaching dossier, tailored to your specific purpose. You'll also receive examples and guidance for conceptualizing and writing a teaching philosophy.

Day 2

(Tuesday, May 22 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm)

In the second session, faculty members—who have read teaching dossiers as committee members for the Tenure and Promotion and hiring processes—will describe their experiences of reading and evaluating dossiers. In this session, you'll also exchange a draft of your teaching philosophy and/or other dossier components with a peer for offering and receiving feedback.

The act of compiling a dossier requires you to closely examine your own teaching practice—an exercise that can help to identify strengths and challenges and guide your plans for further developing your teaching.

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